Strategic Plan

Abu Dhabi Pension Fund has updated its Strategic Plan in accordance with the Abu Dhabi government vision. The current objectives of the Fund are characterized in achieving the financial sustainability and providing services that enrich the customers experience.

- Enrich Customer Experience through Exceptional Services

Offering exceptional and value-added services driven by the Country’s value system which will contribute to achieve high levels of satisfaction and maintain decent life for our customers.

- A Financially Sustainable System

Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of investment projects to strengthen the financial position of the Fund and achieve financial sustainability to build a pension system that can achieve the country’s goal of providing a decent life to its customers.

- Highly Efficient & Effective Financial Management

Ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the financial management to enhance the financial position of the Fund; to maintain its sustainability, and the ability to accomplish its mission, vision, and objectives in parallel with the UAE’s economic principles.

- Effective Corporate Governance

An engaged and motivated strategic leadership with the capability to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the organizational structure, develop work frameworks, build a culture of excellence, fortify the corporate governance system, and lead operational change.

- Effective Corporate Operations Management

An effective and capable management that supports leadership and contributes to the implementation of the Fund strategy, projects, and initiatives. In addition, it manages operations and services, and helps build a quality and excellence system.

- Effective Communication and Conscious Partners

Designing modern communication strategies that aims to build trust, establish a sustainable relationship with the public and to raise awareness towards both Pension Laws and Fund’s services to help the enhancement of UAE’s global reputation.

- High-Standard Technical Competencies

Develop and implement a strategy to reinforce the technical capabilities in line with the Government’s principles and guidelines to achieve digital and technical excellence in all fields.

- Highly Efficient Human Capital

Prepare and implement Human Resources Management Strategies that attracts talents and specialized competencies and emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and training to enhance the human capital since it is the main driver for achieving the Fund’s objectives