Strategic Plan

Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Benefits Fund has updated its Strategic Plan to be in line with Abu Dhabi government vision, stressing that the Fund’s current and future objectives lay mainly in financial sustainability and in providing adequate pension services to enhance the experience of everyone involved. Furthermore, the Fund stresses the importance of innovation in reimagining the future, and including this among strategic priorities and planning for the current year. Based on that, the strategic plan of the Fund consists of two main objectives combined with eight priorities, all of which have been carefully developed to suit the nature of our work and contribute to improving the level of service delivery to customers.

Fund Objectives:

1. A Comprehensive Pension System

The retirement system is to achieve social stability and improve the citizens’ living standards. This strategic priority is a direct translation of the importance of the retirement system. It is achieved through selective programs involving several projects, which together aim at achieving the government goal, namely social development to ensure a dignified life for all members of the society.

2. Financial Sustainability

Achieving financial sustainability through a designated funding policy and wise investment management to ensure continued provision of pensions and retirement benefits to clients.

3. Enrich Customer Experience through Exceptional Pension Services

Providing excellent services to clients on part with international standards in terms of quality and efficiency is a paramount objective of the Fund. Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Benefits Fund constantly works to improve its approach and to invest in its qualified, knowledgeable, and dependable cadre.

4. Smart Processes and Operations

Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Benefits Fund is determined to enhance productivity by devising and enforcing efficient and effective operations aimed at upgrading the level and quality of services provided to clients. This is made possible by the constant development and enhancement of all procedures and actions, as well as the automation of the largest possible number of operations.

5. Highly Efficient Investment and Financial Management

Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Benefits Fund successfully manages all resources through effective planning, achieving cost reduction and competitive return on investment.

6. Human Capital

Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Benefits Fund works on attracting people with professional competence and qualifications. It develops their skills and capabilities through organized methodologies, offering them a motivating work environment – materially and morally - to increase work productivity, which in turn contributes to provide high quality services to clients.

7. Data Supporting Decision Making

Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Benefits regularly gathers accurate and reliable data, which allows it to respond to the demands of partners and clients. Processing all applications and attending to a myriad of other concerns is uniformly carried out in line with international standards. Once gathered and saved, using some of the most top-notch data collecting systems all information can be retrieved quickly when needed, increasing work efficiency, customer service and satisfaction.

8. Corporate Culture of Innovation and Future Anticipation

Develop a culture which supports innovation and a bright future and aims at achieving global leadership.

9. Financial Resources

Collecting the Fund’s financial dues on time to meet all future obligations.