Strategic Plan

Abu Dhabi Pension Fund has updated its Strategic Plan in accordance with the Abu Dhabi government vision. The current objectives of the Fund are characterized in achieving the financial sustainability and providing pensionable services that enrich the customers experience. Moreover, Innovation and Shaping the Future were adopted as strategic priority to cope with the services development.

1. Fund Objectives:

- Distinguished pension services enriching the customers experience

Providing distinguished services to the customers is one of the most important objectives of the Fund, through which the Fund is keen to provide retirement pensions and benefits services that compete with the international levels in terms of quality and efficiency, by working on improving the work mechanisms, employment of competitive systems and cadres.

- Sustainable Financial System

Achieving the financial sustainability by applying the adequate funding policies and wise investment management to ensure the continuous provision of retirement pensions and benefits to all the customers.

2. Fund Priorities :

- More effective Communication & More Aware Customers

Working to enhance the retirement awareness among the different social categories by enriching the customers' knowledge of their rights and duties under the pension law, which contributes to strengthening the operations of the Fund and upgrading the level of its services, in addition to developing the experiences, skills, information and implicit and explicit capabilities available in the human capital.

- Effective Corporate Operations

The Fund is highly concerned in designing and applying effective and influencing operations that contribute to raising the quality level of the services provided to the customers, by developing and supporting the work procedures and operations as well as the maximum transaction automation to enhance productivity.

- Smart Services and Operations

Designing and implementing effective services and processes that contribute to providing distinguished services to customers in line with the requirements of the digital government, through the application of the best practices and standards in quality, awareness and use, as well as the development of innovative technical solutions that support services and operations and enhance productivity with the aim of customer happiness and satisfaction.

- Highly Efficient Investment and Financial Management

Abu Dhabi Pension Fund successfully manages all the resources through the effective planning, cost reduction and achieving competitive criterion returns on investment.

- Developing and Motivating the Human Capital

Abu Dhabi Pension Fund aims to attract individuals with professional competences and qualifications. The Fund focuses on developing its employees’ skills, and capabilities through organized methodologies and motivating work environment – materially and morally, to increase the work productivity, which contributes to providing high-quality services to customers.

- Comprehensive Data management to Support the Decision Makers

Abu Dhabi Pension Fund regularly gathers accurate and reliable data which enables the Fund to respond to the requests of partners and customers and process all their transactions in accordance with the international standards, by updating the data periodically and using the most advanced technical systems that enable employees to save them and quickly retrieve them when needed to increase the effectiveness of work procedures and customer service and satisfaction.

- Corporate Culture for Innovation and Shaping the Future

Develop an innovation-based culture which supports innovation in the Fund by applying innovative ideas and mechanisms that enhance employee participation, in addition to developing projects in shaping the future to achieve the global leadership.

- Financial Resources

Collecting the Fund’s financial dues on time to meet all the future obligations of the Fund.