About Us

Who We Are?

Abu Dhabi Pension Fund (ADPF) is a public institution entrusted by the Abu Dhabi Government with the future of its citizens after retirement. ADPF contributes to achieving government aspirations and plans to secure a decent life for citizens. The Fund's mission is to secure the future of the next generations by collecting pension contributions and developing and managing an investment base to the highest standards of governance and transparency. The Fund aims to construct a sustainable pension system to provide pensions and retirement benefits for citizens working in the public and private sectors in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

ADPF contributes to building a knowledge based and data driven economy by advising the government on pension legislation. The Fund also submits reports and future studies on the Pension System, giving the government insight to make decisions and legislation that meet citizen needs and adapt to labour market developments.

The data owned by ADPF is an important input to the future plans of Abu Dhabi human capital and workforce. The Fund puts customers’ happiness first and commits to achieve it by exceeding service expectations. In this sense, the Fund's service development process is based on innovation and utilising modern technologies to provide proactive services and offer customers a unique experience.

ADPF plays an active role in promoting the system of integrated government services through various partnerships, locally and internationally, to utilise data, knowledge, and resources, contributing to a happier journey for the citizen when obtaining government services.

Recognizing that its employees are its most important asset, ADPF focuses on attracting and developing Emirati talents with diverse experiences, in addition to providing all the necessary tools and systems that contribute to enhancing employee performance. Furthermore, the Fund is committed to creating a stimulating and happy work environment that is built on its corporate values.

What do we do?

  • We collect pension contributions from eligible employed UAE nationals and their employers, as well as the annual contributions from the government.
  • We manage the resulting financial assets through careful, wise and long-term investment strategies, to ensure that all due pensions and benefits are delivered to eligible customers when they become entitled to receive them.
  • We assist and advise Abu Dhabi government on strategies and policies for social insurance and retirement provision to help ensure that the Fund fulfills its mandate and the government achieves its objectives.
  • We support Abu Dhabi government vision for an open, sustainable and global economy, a confident and secure future for all Abu Dhabi citizens.
  • We pay pensions and end-of-service benefits to eligible contributors when these payments are due.
  • We monitor the annual status of our pensioners and beneficiaries through the Annual Declaration process, to ensure that they continue to receive their payments and to protect the interests of all the Fund’s stakeholders.

Our Vision

Excellence in services provision and financial sustainability by optimizing the best utilization of capabilities and resources.

Our Mission

An Investment Pension Fund devoted to offer exceptional and sustainable services to secure a decent life for citizens by ensuring financial sustainability through the collection, management, and investment of contributions.

Our Values

Excellence: Applying high standards of excellence to our accomplishments and outcomes to ensure professionalism and high performance. Taking into consideration the exchange of information and knowledge with our stakeholders/partners as an essential element in our culture, to achieve both customer satisfaction and high-level quality.
Accountability: Employees are held accountable for their job roles, completing their given tasks, and working with the one-team spirit. Alongside maintaining confidentially of information according to the rules, regulations, and laws in force in the Fund.
Transparency: Employees should be encouraged to communicate honestly without barriers and to apply justice& fairness in their everyday life at work with those around them. In addition, employees should be fair in distributing the rights and duties without discrimination while maintaining clarity and credibility in mechanisms, procedures, laws, and information, in which indeed will ensure building bridges of trust between employees.
Sustainability: Adopting long-term sustainable investment policies to ensure financial sustainability, in addition to employing modern technologies to ensure the permanent development of the business environment while preserving the surrounding.
Respect: Employees are committed to enhance the culture of respect that is found in our national identity, by respecting different cultures and preserving human dignity
Creativity & Innovation: To ensure the establishment of a culture filled with creativity and innovation; employees should be encouraged to take rational risks to generate ideas that are outside the ordinary framework to create positive changes and generate more progress & development to the Fund.