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Kindly be informed that new enhancements have been applied for the Member Registration and Member Termination transactions in the web portal as stated below: 

Transaction Type

Enhancement Details

Member Registration Form

  • Added fields for the total pensionable salary
  • Added field for the total actual salary, provided that the salary is equal or more than the total pensionable salary

Member Termination Form

  • Added field for the total actual salary

 Therefore, please note that effective from 15th Feb 2015 the Web Service system will not accept to process any Member Registration or Member Termination transactions without filling the above mentioned new fields. 

For further details, please contact our Web Service Support Team on (02-4140131)

Kindly be informed that our call center number 80044400 has been cancelled and transferred to Abu Dhabi Government call center number 800555 starting 19/01/2015, for technical difficulties and inquiries about the portal please contact our web service support team on 024140131. In case you have any general inquiries or follow up on the submitted transactions kindly use the service Communication Center on the portal.